September 8, 2015

Round Tower

        Here’s one more Irish relief block print that I like a lot.  It hits my sweet spot for balance between realism and stylization.  I’m not sure whether it represents a real church and round tower as they are all over the place in Ireland, although not so many with their conical roofs intact.  But whether it’s a real scene or an iconic fantasy, it evokes a mythical landscape of plant and stone.  I like the shadows, black in the low sunset light.  I like the higgelty-piggelty angles of the little cottages in the background.  I like the edges of trees and clouds disregarding the frame of the block.
        While we were in Ireland this summer I took lots of photos of round towers, as well as castles and ruined monasteries, and I plan to make a few Irish block prints myself.  I hope I can capture as much character and individuality in mine as Belfast artist Connor Maguire has done in this one.

[Picture: Saul 2, woodcut by Connor Maguire (Image from New Irish Art).]

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