Curious About My Art & Books?

        If you're curious to see more of my work, please visit these links to see my block prints, and to read more about my books.

      * My web site,, for my art and writing.  This has everything: all my currently available block prints, and information, blurbs, and previews for all my books.

      * NydamPrints, my shop on Etsy.  The thing is, Etsy has recently made a number of changes to policies and fees with which I am not happy, so I have stopped posting my work there.

      * My "Author Page" on, where you can read reviews of some of my books.  (And to those who have read any of my books, I encourage you to add your reviews, too!)  All of my books are now available on amazon except one.

      * My CafePress shop, where you can purchase T-shirts, mugs, and other random Stuff adorned with my designs.  (If there's a design or product you want but don't see listed on CafePress, just let me know.  I can always add a new product for you.)

[Picture: Writing, rubber block print by AEGN, 2009.
(This piece was commissioned as the logo for a romance writers' group, the Quirky Ladies.)]