May 4, 2021

#AtoZChallenge 2021 Reflections

         Another year of A to Z complete!  Thanks to all those who stopped by and left comments for me this year.  I’m very grateful for your humor, your thoughtful ideas, your questions, and your engagement.  Usually I feel like I’m blogging into the void, and only in April do I really get to see some of you beautiful people who are out there!
        The alphabet format means that some Mythical and Imaginary Places that I would have loved to explore got left out, because they fell on a letter for which I already had someplace else.  The fantastic places I didn’t get to take you include Discworld, any planet in Star Trek, Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land, Westeros, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Fantastica, Hogwarts, Dictionopolis and Digitopolis, Narnia, Paflagonia, Waddingburn and Cockenzie Rood, Sleyne, Damar… not to mention that I could have found far more places from non-European legend.  
So few letters in the alphabet, so many wonderful worlds!  Do you have a favorite mythical or imaginary place I failed to mention?
        I tried to find the items on the scavenger hunt, and managed most of them.  I also tried to find them in as wide as possible an array of the 60-or-so blogs I visited somewhat regularly this year, but inevitably some blogs fulfilled more than one letter, while some of my favorite blogs had none, and some letters were represented in multiple blogs, while there were two letters I never did find.  Sometimes I made a bit of a stretch in counting something, in an effort to stretch the number of different blogs represented.  However, here’s my list:
A - The Great Raven (Greek Mythology)

B - Olga Godim (Book Cover Designs)
C - I never found one in this year’s Challenge, so how about a random post of mine with a Cobweb
D - The Other Side (D&D Monsters)
E - Atherton’s Magic Vapour (Horror Movies)
F - Tea, Sigh, Create (Herbs in Space)
G - Jingle Jangle Jungle (Totally Awesome 80’s Music)
H - P.T. Dilloway (Star Wars figures)  Do a Hood and a Helmet count as Hats?
I - Anne Higa (Flash Fiction)
J - Galeriaredelius (Metal Meets Textile)
K - Olga Godim (Book Cover Designs)
L - AJ Blythe (Poisons)
M - Welcome to My Magick Theatre (Dante and His World)
N - Mother Owl (Echoes)
O - Literacious (Early Literacy Tips) 
P - Balcony Sunrise (Nostalgia)
Q - Quilting Patchwork & Applique (Upcycling Textiles)
R - I never found one in this year’s Challenge, but I’ve got a rainbow in my post for V
T - Story Crossroads (Stories of Beating the Odds)
U - J Lenni Dorner (Blogs and Books)
V - Tao Talk (Jethro Tull Songs)
W - Gail M Baugniet (The Joys of Research)
X - The Quiet Writer (British Museums)
Y - The Multicolored Diary (Tarot Tales)
Z - Fallon Brown (Fiction Tropes)
      Bonus Z - Dara Rochlin Book Doctor (Weird Holidays)

        I would say, “See you next April!” but of course I hope to see you before then.  We’re open year-round!  As I resume my regularly-scheduled programming there will be lots of relief block prints, and lots of fantasy, and of course Words of the Month.  Or if all you want is a little Daily Delight, check out my Instagram of something that lifts my heart each day.  Maybe it will cheer you, as well.
[Pictures: The Discworld, poster illustration by Josh Kirby (Image from Fandom);
Map of Hogwarts, poster illustration by MinaLima (Image from MinaLima).]