July 26, 2014

Triumph and Tragedy (Student Work Week 2)

        My second week of classes was outstanding - the printmaking kids (spanning grades 5-9) worked incredibly hard and created a huge amount of varied and beautiful work.  My intention was to share a sampling today and then highlight some particular projects and themes in posts to come.  But unfortunately for that plan, I dropped my camera in the parking lot and somehow it managed to lose the vast majority of all the pictures I had taken of student work.  Most of last night was spent vainly trying to recover photos, so I’m feeling pretty frustrated right now.  So for now all you get is two quick pictures.  The first (cropped to protect the identity of innocent students) is a very small part of the display at our end-of-the-class art 
show.  And second is one of the few pieces that luckily didn't get deleted from the camera.  (I love the design in the background!)
        I’ve made a number of notes of possible things to tweak or new things to try next year, and now all that remains is for me to clean up all the art supplies that I unloaded into the front hall yesterday afternoon.  And buy a new camera.  *sigh*  But I do hope to post more substantively soon.

[Pictures: ZB and HW with a sampling of their work;
Panda, rubber block print by EE, 2014 (photos by AEGN).]

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