July 19, 2014

Student Work (Week 1)

        This past week I taught a printmaking class to a group of kids entering grades 5-7.  On Friday we held an open house to show off all the work they’d done in five mornings, and we filled five large tables with the display.  Obviously I can’t post all that here, so I’ve picked just a few samples.  
Specifically, I’ve picked only straight-up rubber block prints that require no other discussion, since I’m saving some of the other work to show another time.  Even so, you’ll notice that some of the kids experimented with multi-colored inking, and some achieved a variety of textures.  Some were thinking in terms of outlines, while others thought more about shapes and areas.
        I love the way the block print medium gives a boldness and graphic impact to all their work.  Why do you think I do block prints myself?  Because the medium just looks good!  (That and it’s so much fun to do, of course.)

        Next week I have another class with another group of kids and the chance to see yet more fabulous work.  (Also the chance to tweak my projects and presentations based on how things went this week.)  It’s a busy two weeks - I’m teaching a second art class for younger kids each day, too - so it’ll be nice to be able to sit down and relax a bit when it’s over, but what a privilege to see what these kids can do!

[Pictures: Horses, rubber bock print by AD, 2014;
Hawk, rubber bock print by AM, 2014;
Owl, rubber bock print by KK, 2014;
Village, rubber bock print by TS, 2014;
Sea Turtles, rubber bock print by LJ, 2014;
Girl, rubber bock print by BW, 2014;
Flower and insects, rubber bock print by CC, 2014;
Butterfly, rubber bock print by RB, 2014.]

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