July 15, 2014

A Review of "Doors"

        I’m in the midst of week one of my two weeks of teaching summer art classes.  Each day I’m teaching relief printmaking in the morning and assorted art projects in the afternoon.  The afternoon group are younger kids (entering grades 3-5) not my usual beloved middle
schoolers, so I confess to having a steep adjustment curve to their attention spans and concentration levels.  (And my feet are pretty tired by the time I get home each afternoon - it’s been twelve years since I taught full time!)  That said, both groups are doing some really fun work.  So far the younger kids have painted scenes inspired by Rousseau’s jungles and made collages inspired by Matisse.  The middle school printmakers have made collagraphs using glue and string, and have done several rubber block prints.  I’ll treat you to some of the masterpieces of printmaking at the end of the week.
        In the meantime, I wish to direct you to a great review of The Extraordinary Book of Doors on Charlotte’s Library, a fabulous blog focussing on middle grade speculative fiction.  I’m so grateful that Charlotte read Doors, and so pleased that she enjoyed it.
        And finally, while I’m making announcements, Goodreads has recently launched a feature called “Ask the Author.”  I’ve answered one question so far, but would love to start more conversations, so please go to Goodreads and ask me some questions!

[Picture: Three magical keys, illustration from The Extraordinary Book of Doors by AEGN, 2013.]


  1. I've read The Extraordinary Book of Doors, too, and totally concur with the linked review. It's a great book, and I need to go and put my review on amazon. One small point about the review, though, the book was found under a bench in Cleveland and it is the Cleveland Museum of Art in which some of the action takes place.

  2. Charlotte has corrected that small point. It means a lot to us Clevelanders! =)