August 1, 2022

Tales After Tolkien Guest Post

         Today’s post is just a short signpost, to send you over to the Tales After Tolkien Society, where I have a guest post about the connection between medievalism, Tolkien, and my bestiary On the Virtues of Beast of the Realms of Imagination.  I’m delighted to be featured there because I’m always a scholar at heart, despite not having gone into academia.  So when I heard from a fellow author about their invitation to fantasy authors to reflect on how medievalism and Tolkien-ism influence their work, I jumped on the opportunity.
        Head right on over to Guest Post: A Modern Fantasy Project with a Medieval Inspiration.  And be sure to leave a comment and give Tales After Tolkien some love!
[Picture: Tales After Tolkien Society header (Image from Tales After Tolkien).]

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