May 13, 2022


         Today’s hashtag and post are a celebration of the fantastic which is supposed to last the whole month of May.  You can find out more at There’s Always Room for One More.  Well, I’m always keen to celebrate the fantastic, but with so many other things going on in May, I certainly can’t devote all my blogging and Instagram and everything to this particular theme all month, (for goodness sake, Needham Open Studios starts tomorrow!  I just spent all afternoon setting up my display!)  
        But then, I’ve already got a whole lot of content that fits with the daily themes.  So my plan is to use this post to put all the links in one place to celebrate the daily Wyrd & Wonder prompts that are most enticing to me.  I will continue to update this post throughout the month to add links for the topics as they come up.  Here's what we've got so far...
     May 3 - Enchanted Wood: Feathers to Light the Way
     May 4 - Woodland Creatures: How to pick just one?  But I’m going to go with
                  Baba Yaga Village
     May 7 - Say What? Fictional Languages: Character Names in Fantasy
     May 8 - Undergods: Outlaws by Robert Graves
     May 9 - #MapMonday: Cartography and Mapping the Fantastic
     May 10 - Don’t Leave the Path: Trap Door
     May 11 - Weapon of Choice: Magic Swords
     May 14 - A Book within a Book: Books Within a Book
     May 16 - Current Read: The King of Next Week by E.C. Ambrose
     May 17 - Spirit of Nature: N is for Nature
     May 18 - Fantasy Landscapes: Basically the entire A to Z Challenge 2021
     May 19 - More Than Meets the Eye: T is for Transforming

     May 24 - Forest Guardian: quite a few mentioned back at N is for Nature again

        Remember, I will continue to add new links through the rest of the month, corresponding to the days’ prompts.  Not to mention that there are now 264 posts on this blog tagged “Fantasy” in the Labels section over in the sidebar, so feel free to poke around and see whether you discover anything else of interest!

[Picture: Beyond the Thorns, rubber block print (two blocks) by AEGN, 2017;

Tree wolf image by chic2view on]

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