March 7, 2017

Here's Something Cool: Computer Bugs

        Check out these cool insects made from old circuit boards and other computer bits.  In common with so many of the other more steampunky sculptures that I like, they are a way of salvaging trash, turning something discarded into something beautiful, and commenting on just how much we throw away and waste.  The built-in obsolescence of electronics makes it even more of an issue with these components.  Still, these are mostly wonderful for their own sake.  And resistors make such perfect insect legs!

        Julie Alice Chappell (UK) scavenges bits and pieces from computers, video game systems, DVD players, and other electronic devices.  I’ve been known to save circuit boards and other bits and pieces, too, just because they’re so visually appealing.  I have yet to turn them into anything beautiful, though.
        I’m not sure how the wings get transparent.  Do they come that way, in a sort of circuit board I haven’t yet seen?  Or does Chappell do something to them?  Either way, the filigree of circuitry translates wonderfully into insect wings, and Chappell does a great job matching other components to other insectoid body parts.  I find the head of the top dragonfly particularly wonderful.
        Some of her insects are fairly straightforward impressions of real species, but others are much more fantastical.  I love that the second dragonfly has three sets of wings and two sets of antennae.  The last example here has its own odd proportions in the placement of wings and antennae that add to its charm.  I find these very appealing, and hope you enjoy them, too.

[Pictures: Computer Component Bugs, sculptures by Julie Alice Chappell, c 2015;
The Silvery Dragonfly, sculpture by Chappell;
The Elegant, Triple Winged “Through the Looking Glass” Samsung Insect, sculpture by Chappell, 2017;
Computer Component Bug, sculpture by Chappell, c 2015, (Images from This Is Colossal, My Modern Met, and Chappell’s Etsy Shop DewLeaf).]

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