April 22, 2016

Millenium Ark

        Today seems like a good day to share a very cool wood block print done jointly by 26 artists in the Society of Wood Engravers.  Each of the 2x2 inch squares within this image was done by a different artist, representing different animals (only some are two by two, but they all come 2x2), plus Noah, and the additional animals in the pediment.  Together they make a wonderful celebration of animal life.  I think the ark reference is particularly poignant for Earth Day: both the idea of saving life on earth from environmental disaster, as well as the idea of Earth itself being our life-giving ark in the ocean of the universe.
        I would have loved to be involved in a project like this, where each piece is done on its own, but joined together they make something new and more powerful.  I like so many of the animals, and I like the top section very much, too.  I’m just sorry that I can’t find a bigger image so that you can see more detail.  The Society Of Wood Engravers had a larger image posted, but they have since taken it down, and this is unfortunately the best I can now find.
        Happy Earth Day!

[Picture: The Millennium Ark, collection of wood engravings by 26 artists in the Society of Wood Engravers: Moiseev, Tout, Hayward, English, van Niekerk, Brett, Skargon, Dividson, Todd, Phips, McGregor, Wormell, Lindsley, Stephens, Hughes, Pebworth, Kershaw, Westergard, Jones, Jope, Forster, Scullard, Lawrence, Jaidinger, Brochway, Paynter, 2000 (Image from the Victoria and Albert Museum).]

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