August 12, 2014

Another Review of "Doors"

        The Extraordinary Book of Doors has received another nice review, which you can see here at FangirlNation.
        In reading reviews of a book I’m so completely immersed in, it’s fun to see what aspects different readers pick up on.  In this case reviewer Jessica Greenlee has particularly noted that “the primary focus of the book is on discovery,” and that Doors is largely non-violent (particularly in comparison with many current books for middle grade and up.)  I especially like Greenlee’s statement that Doors is “recommended for people who wonder what is behind doors.”  I know I’m definitely that kind of person myself, and I like that way of putting it.  Yes, we could call it simply curiosity, but somehow thinking of it this way expresses that additional element of snoopiness (I’m not saying I’m proud of it), as well as the idea that what you discover might actually go somewhere.
        Curiosity is a major element in all my books, no doubt partly because I am the sort of person who wonders what’s behind doors, but also because I’m not the kind of person who actually wanders off through forbidden doors at the drop of a hat.  In that regard, I’m more Chen than Polly…  but that’s what books are for, isn’t it?  So that we can have the fun, the intellectual stimulation, the excitement, the mind-expansion of all those adventures without actually having to go off and do anything scary!
        But head over to FangirlNation and read the review for yourself.

[Picture: An enticing doorway at Cobá, where we were having adventures last week, photo by AEGN, 2014.]

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