November 2, 2012

Show Preparations

        The big storm left us unscathed, the costumes were finished in time for trick-or-treating, and now it's frantic last-minute preparation for the next big Open Studios show, this weekend.  Since that's the only thing I have on my mind right now, rather than fight it, I thought I'd share what it looks like around here on the day before an art show.
        Of course the preparation has been going on for the past two weeks, with matting and packaging prints, and drawing designs for something to carve tomorrow.  Last night I folded and packaged dozens (if not hundreds) of note cards while watching "Castle" with D.  But today things come down to the wire.  One big job is to make the final decision for which framed pieces I'll bring for display.  This show provides me with an 8x8 foot
expanse of pegboard on which I can hang my stuff.  However, my tables have to go in front of that, so I estimate more like 8x4 feet.  I mark my area out on the floor and start placing art to see what I can fit and how best to arrange it.  I always try to display whatever is new since this time last year, and then I use several factors to fill the rest of the space:

- I want a wide variety of subjects and styles
- I want to feature items I've never displayed at this venue before
- I want to draw attention to items that are the last of their edition
- I want to use stuff that's already framed so I don't have to do any excess work
        Once I know for sure what I'm bringing, I pack it all up in old flannel sheets and towels for transport, and put together labels for everything.  Next job is transferring my designs to rubber for carving (and making sure I pack the carving tools.)  This weekend's theme is Dogs.  I have four little pieces ready to carve - I only hope it will be enough to keep me busy.  Perhaps I should prepare something else just in case?  Yikes!
        Meanwhile I've been hauling things up from the basement and staging them to pack in the car early tomorrow morning.  (If I didn't have to drive kids somewhere this evening, I'd pack the car this afternoon.  But instead it will just have to clutter up the hallway all day.)  There are three tables (two for display and one to work at), print racks, card rack, matted prints, framed prints, books, cards, hanging hooks, extra cash for giving people change…  On and on.  So many things to remember.  I make myself lists, build stacks of things to be packed, go over things in my mind, hope I'm not forgetting anything vital.  Because I
won't set up until the day of the show, and because it's a fairly long drive to this show, if I forget something I simply have to do without.  Wait, did I remember the roll of tape?  What about the camera?  And so on…
        But it will all be worthwhile once the artists are all there together, and the people start coming by to see the art.  There's a buzz in the room, voices full of enthusiasm, people to greet, those dogs to carve… 

        If you happen to be in the area, please come by and join the fun at Roslindale Open Studios!

[Pictures: stacks of things to bring;
arranging frames on the floor;
dog designs on rubber blocks, photos by AEGN, 2012;
my display from last year, photo by AEGN, 2011.]

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