May 22, 2012

World Turtle Day

        That's right, tomorrow is World Turtle Day!
        I do love turtles, and as usual, what better way to celebrate than with a selection of block print turtle art?  Land tortoises, sea turtles… I love them all.  So take a moment to appreciate these amazing creatures, so wonderfully prehistoric, so charmingly unique, so incredibly armored, and yet so sadly vulnerable to environmental issues.

        I've collected five turtles here for your enjoyment today.  Which one is your favorite?  Oh, come on, you know you love them all!

[Pictures: Turtle, linoleum block print by Walter Inglis Anderson, 1930's;
Sea Turtle, wood block print by AEGN, 1997 (sold out);
Tortoise, woodcut by Alan James Robinson from An Odd Bestiary, 1982;
Sea Turtle, reduction wood block print by Lisa Studier, 2006;
Turtle, woodcut by Jacques Hnizdovsky, 1962.]


Pax said...

Yes indeed, I do like them all! Thanks for sharing them with us. I never knew there was a World Turtle Day, and missed the celebration. Better luck next year.

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

That's okay - you can celebrate turtles any day!

Nan said...

Turtles! I love them all. The little swimmy one looks like one of the babies Jane would winter for The Turtle Lady of Scituate. Then come summer, she and TTL would return them to the ponds. It was a great project to save the turtle population, keeping them from predators until they were a little too big to be a quick mouthful. And the green faced turtle looks like the one I grew up with--a quarter sized purchase from Woolworth's who grew to saucer size under the loving care (and milk baths) of my mother.
Love these images.

Nan said...

To clarify: it was the turtle taking the milk baths, not my mother!

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

Heh! I wouldn't have guessed that turtles would like milk baths! But now I'm giggling thinking of your mother and a bevy of beautiful turtles doing Esther Williams routines in a swimming pool full of milk!