September 2, 2011

Virtual Open Studio

        I just dropped off a few pieces for a group show leading up to Natick Artists Open Studios, and I've already started the first stages of work for Needham Open Studios.  These days I'm doing four "Open Studios" per year... but not one of them is actually an open studio for me because I always opt to show in group space.  However, I know that I am always curious to see other artists' work space so, in accordance with the Golden Rule, I thought I'd offer a Virtual Open Studio, showing where I work.
        My studio is indeed a room of my own, for which I am very grateful.  (Sometimes I feel a little pretentious calling it a "studio," but oh well.)  Half the space is book-shelves, so the effective work area is all on one side of the room.  This first view shows my main work table.  In front of the table is the roller press that I never use.  (It's
always more trouble than it's worth, alas.)  The big shelf behind is where I store all sorts of random craft, sewing, and office supplies.  (And the shelf above it is all the volumes of my journal.)  I'm sorry to say that a lot of stuff also tends to pile up on the right end of my table, so that my work area decreases and decreases until I can't stand it any more and I clear everything off.  Then as soon as I finish a project the piles start encroaching again.
        The other view shows my computer desk, used for writing, of course, and all the photo-shopping, and web site work.  To the left is a very nice cabinet saved from our old kitchen.  That's where all my block printing supplies live.  The top of it serves as a cutting table (but it, too, tends to get piled upon, making it a much smaller cutting space than it ought to be…  And recently it has a layer of aluminum foil over the top all the time to keep our new cat from nesting up there.)  To the left of that, on the edge of the picture, is my supply of mat board, covered in a dark blue blanket to protect it.
        When I print an edition I lay the pieces out on the tops of everything to dry.  I also have a nice shelf in the basement to keep the frames, print racks, the whole stock of matted prints, note cards, and books, etc.  So I've really got a very sweet situation here… a far cry from the days when I worked on the only table and had to clear everything away whenever we wanted to eat a meal!
        When P and T are home they're usually active in the next room, just beyond the mat board, which is why I can't write much while they're around.  But the older they get the more work I can get done, and of course school's about to start again, so I'll have no more excuse to keep me from getting back to work.  I'll be in this one small area for the majority of every day, having fun.  I love my table and my art supplies.  I love my computer.  I love the sunlight coming in my windows.  I love the view of the neighborhood.  I love the birds that come to the bird feeders right outside.  I love my studio!

[Pictures: photos by AEGN, 2011.]


Pax said...

Thanks for showing us where the artist and writer works. I've come to realize how important it is to have "a room of her own" (to quote Virginia Woolf). I, too, treasure my own space.

Gail Brodholt said...

What a great idea - a virtual open studo!
We've just relocated our printmaking studio here in London and a virtual tour of it would make a really interesting post.
(Especially if it's all photos and no writing - a lot quicker...)
By the way, I'm enjoying your blog!

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

Thanks for stopping by, and commenting, Gail. Congratulations on the new studio, too! I'll stop by and see it when you've got it posted. =)

Martha Knox said...

Very nice. I have a room in my home too with lots of books and a computer, as well as space for making prints. Not as neat and tidy as yours, though!

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

Well, I did tidy up a bit before taking the pictures! =)

erasercarver said...

Really enjoyed your "Virtual Open Studio" - nice idea, might have to use it myself :)