March 14, 2017

Hunker Down

        Snow Day!  And here’s a fun wood engraving to celebrate.  Actually, the snow’s not all that deep here yet, but we’re supposed to get over a foot.  That’s nothing compared to this Arctic scene, but plenty for mid-March, in my opinion.  Artist Rick Allen points out that “getting snowed in can really encourage good stories and good story telling,” a sentiment near and dear to my heart.  We’ll also probably indulge in some board games today, and perhaps a movie, as well.  In the meantime, enjoy the cute details in this piece: the bear snuggling around the stove listening to the stories (which are quite scary or shocking, judging by his reaction), and the moose’s antlers blowing right off!

[Picture: Hunker Down, wood engraving by Rick Allen (Image from his web site Kenspeckle Letterpress).]

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