July 3, 2012

The Old Bridge

        Here's a lovely woodcut by an artist I know nothing about except his name and dates: Wynand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp (1874-1950).
        I'd love to know more about the scene - what is that city we see under the arches of the bridge?  What river's waters swirl so seductively past?  Is this a real place that the artist knew and loved, or a view sketched quickly on the way past while travelling, or a fantasy place representing an archetypal bridge?

[Picture: The Old Bridge, woodcut by Wynand Otto Jan Niewenkamp, 1920.
(Image from The Annex Galleries.)


  1. Hi Anne, I think that's probably the Dijle river going through Mechelen, Belgium if it's the same bridge as in this similar image:
    There's also an article on Wikipedia about the artist:
    Thanks for posting it, it's a beautiful woodcut!

  2. Hello, Cally,
    Thanks very much for the tip and the link. I wonder whether Nieuwenkamp saw this view from his houseboat?