November 22, 2019

Cheesy Block-Printing Slogans

        Here’s a “shower thought” for the day (illustrated with a very nice bath block print instead).  It seems that every group of people, from those with shared national origins to those with shared hobbies, to groups with shared physical traits or skills or jobs, likes to come up with cheesy slogans to celebrate themselves.  Think of the “Old ____ never die, they just…” slogans, or “____ do it better.”  So I figured it was time for some cheesy block-printing slogans.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:
     Requisite: Old printmakers never die, they just limit their edition.
     Hip: I dig block prints.
     Rude: I’d love to stay, but I’ve got more pressing business.
     Celebratory: What a relief!
     Or the retro version: Carve carve, ink ink, oh what a relief it is!  (It would be better if it rhymed, but oh well.)
     Cheerful: I’ve got that inking feeling!
     Fanatic: Proud to be a blockhead.
     Dismissive: Why don’t you make a noise like a brayer and roll away.
     World-weary: Yeah, I’ve been around the block.  In fact, I carved the block.
     Collegial: Great minds ink alike.
     Modest: Printmakers make great first impressions.  And second impressions, and third impressions, and fourth impressions…

        Surely any art-loving punsters out there can help me out!  What would you put on a T-shirt to advertise your love of relief block prints?  Or your artistic medium of choice?  (And if you’re inclined to sneer about my stupid puns, you’d better reread my past post on paranomasia and the impressive brain-power involved.)

[Picture: Bath Time, lino block print by Claude Flight, first half of 20th century (Image from Gallery on the Usk).]


Pax said...

How about "Block printers do it with a gouge"?

Kristin said...


Anne E.G. Nydam said...

Ha ha! I don't think that sounds very good!