May 14, 2019

Adult Printmaking Classes

        Another printmaking activity that finished up during the A-Z Challenge was an adult printmaking class that ran for four evening sessions.  Once again we had a mix of experience levels, so rather than having some sort of set curriculum that everyone must follow, I offer the participants a menu of relief printmaking projects they can try.  Some are a little more advanced than others, but in general there’s no reason not to give anything a try if it strikes your fancy.  It never hurts to experiment and see what happens.  I show examples, and explain the basic steps and techniques for a chosen project, and then stand by to answer questions or troubleshoot.
        I’ve posted about all the techniques before, so here’s the menu, with a few notes, and with links to more information.

• Not a Zentangle - previous post
        This is recommended as a first project for anyone who doesn’t have much prior printmaking experience.

• The Classic (one block, one ink, one color paper)
        Honestly, you can happily spend years exploring just this basic block print (indeed, I have), and most students work on classic blocks for most of the time.

• Notecards, bookplates, labels - previous post on bookplates

• Mix & Match blocks - previous post on student work (kids), and on a project of mine

• Foreground & Background - previous post on student work (kids), and on work by M.C. Escher

• Reduction Print - previous posts Part I, Part II, and another one

• Tile - previous post
        The previous post linked above deals specifically with very small square blocks, but adults often experiment with larger squares, often around 3 or 4 inches.

• Provincetown White-Line Print - Previous posts on history, on techniques, and on student work (kids)

• Monotype - previous post

        As usual, the artists did some wonderful work in the class, and while I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked, I’ve included a few samples.  (Also, I didn’t label these pictures soon enough and have lost track of who did 
some of them -- but if anyone wants to claim their work and have it properly attributed, just let me know!)

[Pictures: Boats, rubber block print by LL, 2019;
Jackalope, rubber block print by KB, 2019;
Pyramid, rubber block print by JP, 2019;
Carolina wren, rubber block print by MH(?), 2019.]


Donna B. McNicol said...

Love the boats the most, jackalope second. Thanks for sharing....interesting.

DB McNicol
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Rob Z Tobor said...

Love the Prints. I particularly like the Wren. I think its because it reminded me of an old friend of ours called Anna Ravenscroft. She does lovely artwork, and back when we owned our gallery we used to sell then regularly. Her wrens always sold on preview night without fail. We also own a few of her prints too both bought and given to us as presents by her.

Art is a wonderful thing . . . .

Sue Bursztynski said...

Let me know if y ou ever move to Melbourne - I'd love to attend one of your classes!

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

Thanks for stopping by, Donna. When I do adult classes I'm really just getting people started, and then they always make completely amazing art.

Rob, I'm sure it was fascinating running a gallery (though no doubt a lot of work.) I went and looked up Anna Ravenscroft, so thanks for dropping the name.

lol, Sue! I certainly will. There have been times recently when I've considered my options for moving to another country...