January 16, 2018

Printmaking Mini-Workshops

        This weekend I once again ran two printmaking mini-workshops at the Arisia sci-fi/fantasy/fandom convention in Boston.  You may be asking whether there’s any intrinsic connection between relief block printmaking and sci-fi/fantasy, and I have to answer that no, there really isn’t.  But I did my best to make one with the following blurb: Relief block printmaking is a magical, sci-fi art form: it’s like carving with light into darkness, and then cloning the result.
        Of course, the disadvantage of actually being busy is that I don’t have much chance to photograph the participants’ work, and this year I didn’t get any pictures at all from my second session, but I do have just a few pieces to share.
        The charming moon rabbit at the top was actually not done during a workshop.  It was made by a woman who participated in my workshops in 2016 and '17, and this year gave me this card she had made at home, having gone out and gotten supplies of her own.  Yay!  I’m spreading the good news about printmaking!  It’s a really lovely little piece, and it was really lovely of her to share it with me.
        The other pieces here are a small sampling from this year and I think they show a nice array of styles, all quite successful.
        Meanwhile, my own display in the art show was also very successful.  Because I don’t sit with my exhibit all weekend like at an open studios show, I usually don’t know who buys my work at Arisia.  But this year I was really delighted that I just happened to see my Young Unicorn, framed in a special gilt filigree frame I found, going home with a young girl in a purple princess dress.  I feel sure that my unicorn will be extremely happy in its new home!

        Thank you to everyone who bought my work, or took part in my workshops.  I hope the good news about block printing is making you happy, too!  If you want more, I will be running a 4-evening printmaking workshop in March through Needham Community Education.  I’d love to have you join me.  You can see the details and sign up here.

[Pictures: Rabbit in the Moon, rubber block print by Alyse;
Rubber block print by Annalise?, 2018 (photo by someone on Arisia staff);
Demon Elk, rubber block print by Angela, 2018;
Cthulhu symbol, rubber block print, 2018.
(Anyone who would like their work credited differently, please just let me know!)]

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