December 5, 2014


        This weekend I will be participating in two shows/sales.
        Saturday, 10:00-5:00 - Holiday Open Studio in my own house, as one of the Needham Artists in independent locations.  Here’s a thought about open studio browsing:
        My house, being on a dead-end street in a corner of town, doesn’t get much foot traffic.  Many people who come find themselves the only visitor here at the time, which can feel awkward.  I understand; I’ve been there as the visitor in other studios, and when you’re the only one you might feel like you have to take lots of time, look at everything, maybe even buy something whether you wanted to or not, because it would feel so rude not to.  In fact, you may not even want to go to an artist’s house or studio at all lest you feel put on the spot.  But trust me, it’s okay not to buy anything.  It’s okay not to want to chit-chat.  It’s okay to look around briefly and leave.  Obviously artists love it when someone admires everything and buys lots of stuff, but we do understand that not everyone is going to.  We’d rather have you come and buy nothing than not come at all.  We’d rather have you come just to look without intending to spend any money than to have you not come at all because you’re afraid of feeling awkward.  After all, sales are just one part of art shows.  Meeting people, making connections, getting out the word, education, and having friendly conversations are all important, too.  Being an artist is often a solitary pursuit and we enjoy the opportunity to connect with people, sales or no sales.  So please don’t be shy!  Stop by and say hello to your local artists when you get the chance!
        For more details about the Holiday Sale, my address, and the locations of other participating artists, see this Needham Artists Holiday Sale web site.

        Sunday, 2:00-4:00 - Local Author Book Fair at Wellesley Free Library.
        I don’t have any thoughts to share about this event, because this will be the first time Wellesley Library has run it, and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever done anything like it.  I don’t know entirely what to expect, although I assume it will be similar to art shows in group spaces that I’ve done.  I’m excited about it, though, because at my art shows the books are a minor detour for most people.  I’ve never done a show where the people came because they were looking for books.  I’m hoping it will involve lots of interesting conversations about stories, reading, and what makes books great!  I’m also hoping that it will reach a new group of people who don’t yet know that my books exist, but who might be exactly the kind of people I’ve been writing for - in the words of A.A. Milne, “those, young or old, who like the things which I like.”
        For more details about the Local Author Book Fair, see this flier.

[Pictures: Market, woodcut from Orbis Sensualium Pictus by Jan Amos Comenius, 1658 edition?;
Library, woodcut from Neuer orbis pictus für die Jugend… by Jacob Eberhard Gailer, 1842 (Images from Wikimedia Commons.)]
(Full quotation from Milne here.)

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