January 1, 2013

Birds in Snow

        Happy New Year!
        Well, we have snow here now, so I thought it was a good time to feature the work of prominent Chinese woodcut artist Song Yuanwen (1933- ).  He's done lots of work on a variety of subjects, but I particularly like the pattern and texture of this snowy one.  Interestingly, although most sources call the piece straightforwardly "Birds in Snow," one of the places where I found it posted called it "Harmony," which is not really the emotion I find evoked.  I think more of hunkering down.  In any case, I like the detailed geometry of the stacked logs against the solid white and solid black of the snow and the birds.  (And it's reminding me that I need to refill my bird feeders!)

        And for a bonus, here's another snow scene by the same artist.  Unfortunately I can't find title or date for it, but its one of the works in an exhibition of his work in 2010.  Again, I like his balance of black and white, solid and pattern.
        I wish you joy in 2013!

[Pictures: Birds in Snow, woodcut by Song Yuanwen, 2005 (Image from China Print Art);
unknown title, woodcut by Song Yuanwen (Image from China Guanlan Original Printmaking Base).]

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