March 9, 2020

Here's Something Cool: TARDIS Refrigerator

        Here’s a clever novelty for the serious fan: transforming a refrigerator or door of your house.  Dr Who’s TARDIS makes a great subject for this because it’s a roughly compatible in size and shape to a refrigerator, of course, but also because one could believe that the actual TARDIS had materialized in the kitchen wall, the sort of thing it might plausibly do.
        When I got poking around, I found a number of other nice sci fi/fantasy ideas for door transformations: a slab of carbonite with Han Solo encased, the west gate of Moria, any sort of Top Secret lab door… 
        I found a picture of an R2-D2 refrigerator, but it would really be better for a mini-fridge that is the right size.  Also, it’s never going to be perfect unless you actually make a rounded top for it, so what R2-D2 does lend himself to is a trash bin.  I went looking, and sure enough…
        Naturally I most admire the hand-made transformations for fridges or other doors, but it turns out that there are quite a few places where you can buy “skins” on-line, featuring photos that can be adhered to the surface of your choice.  I have to suspect that very few of these stores actually have permission to legally sell licensed property from Dr Who or Star Wars or anything else.  However, here’s a nice hand-made bookshelf that’s another TARDIS.
        I’m not the sort to want something like this front and center (and large) in my house.  I think the cooler option might be something like a Narnia mural on the back wall of your coat closet.  You could even add a lamppost light back there.  Or what about turning a dog- or cat-flap into a mini entrance to Hogwarts’s Chamber of Secrets, or into a small door like in Alice in Wonderland?
                        Doors are undeniably special (says the author of The Extraordinary Book of Doors), so it’s easy to see the appeal of adding some magic to the everyday doors in our lives.  What door (or other household object) would you most like to transform?

[Pictures: TARDIS refrigerator from here;
R2-D2 trash bins from here and here;
TARDIS bookcase from here;
Dangerous door from here.]

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